Web Trends of 2010: The Best of the Best

01/13/2010 by Chris Califf

As you reminisce about 2009 with your family over a bottle of champagne, your uncle's memories of his high school wrestling days, and your mom's good luck black eyed peas, you might discuss what happened this year in the world of technology. But what did happen? Let's journey back.

2009 brought the rise of the iPhone and smartphone apps, Google keeping Microsoft on their toes with Chrome and Android, the release of a Snow Leopard into the wild, a 7th Microsoft Window opening - letting a little sunshine in, and Facebook continuing to take over our lives.

But why live in the past? It's 2010! The "Noughties" are over. Want to contribute more to your holiday tech talk than, "I remember that!" Want to impress your family with your knowledge of the latest and greatest technology trends? Well, here ya go. I have compiled 5 of the most popular predicted web trends of 2010 so your family can know how hip you really are.

Cloud Computing

The cloud computing craze of 2009 will drift into 2010 with sky high hopes. Low down - Cloud computing eliminates the need for desktop applications and software CDs by storing information onto a server, resulting in a "cloud" of information. Cloud computing gives you the ability to write and store documents to one place, access these documents anywhere, and share these documents with whomever you wish.

2010 Forecast - With the recent 2009 beta release of Google Wave and business potential it may offer, Google will likely be the first to accumulate a following. But don't worry, Microsoft is not too far behind. They are preparing to steal Google's thunder with the release of the web-based version of Office 2010 in the first half of the year. So be sure to check the weather in 2010 because the fluffy phenomenon known as cloud computing is predicted to be hot, with a 100% chance of collaboration.

Prediction - A 'Silent War on Grammar and Sentence Phrasing' sprouts among collaborators.

Location is the Name of the Game

2010 will bring a new aspect to the social media game, literally. The talked about social media trend proposed for 2010 looks to be a location-sharing, location-based game. But only those with smartphones can play.

Powered by your smartphones GPS capability, these location-sharing games require you to "check in" wherever you are. While signed in, you are given a list of options based on your location that you can select. You earn points by checking in multiple times at one location or a new location, competing with friends and fellow gamers for the most points. You can also check out pre-mapped trips such as a walk through Central Park, or become the "Mayor" of your favorite spot, possibly resulting in special perks by businesses.

Key Players - Foursquare, Gowalla, Brightkite, Google Latitude

Prediction - "Checking In" will become the catch phrase of 2010.

Augmented Reality

A late 2009 smartphone development appropriately titled 'augmented reality' will blow your mind (and your vision) in 2010. Seemingly abducted from the 'Terminator' movies, augmented reality, or AR, bridges the gap between technology, information, and your physical surroundings.

Using your smartphone's GPS capability to determine your location, AR lets you aim your iPhone or Droid towards buildings and monuments, essentially bringing these fixtures to life. You will see icons pop up from Urbanspoon pointing you to nearby restaurants and nightlife, Wikipedia articles informing you about the history of where you're standing, Tweets from nearby users, and Nearest Tube guiding you to the closest subway station.

Prediction - More stubbed toes, jammed fingers, and head bops in major cities due to constant bumping into of augmented reality users.

Internet TV and Movies

Think you watch too much TV now? Think again. Internet TV and movie mania is projected to stream into our lives in 2010 with full force.

In 2009, Hulu was at the top of the Internet TV game and looks like it'll continue to grow in 2010. But with the rumors of charging for service, Hulu could potentially see a revolt, paving the way for Internet TV lackeys such as Fancast to take over. Also, the possibility of Internet TV setbacks could emerge due to the recent purchase of NBC Universal by Comcast.

Internet movies are also predicted to increase in popularity. With NetFlix now being offered online, YouTube offering a move channel, and the emergence of the Hulu-like movie experience called Epix, you will finally catch up on those movies you missed out on the first time around.

Prediction - Our brains continue to zombify while everyday conversation slowly becomes television catch phrases and movie lines. "Life is like a box of chocolates....That's what she said."


2010 will be sure to make with friends with our inner child by offering instantaneous information now, now, now! This is the real deal.

A December release of Google's real-time search results, which accesses the latest Twitter and FriendFeed statuses, as well as the most up-to-the-second NY Times articles and blog posts, proves to set the bar in 2010 for Bing and other search engines.

Instant real-time feedback via smartphone apps will keep businesses scrambling to please consumers in 2010. Tell America how bad your service is from the dinner table. Tweet a concert review during the show. Keep us in your moment.

Prediction - The saying, "I'll be there in no time" will be replaced with, "I'll be there in real-time."

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